Michael Beier

  1. I’m a senior researcher at the Competence Center „Digital Strategies“ of the Swiss Institute for Entrepreneurship at the University of Applied Science HTW Chur in Switzerland. In my work I deal with very different aspects of organization, social relationships and networks in business, media, technical and social contexts.
  2. My work addresses quite different groups of audience: Correspondigly broad is the range of texts that I publish. They range from scientific publications for other researchers on analyzes and recommendations for corporate practice to applications in everyday social and general questions of human interaction.
  3. In my current projects amongst others I deal with:
    (1) applications and success factors of crowdfunding
    (2) social media and online-communikation of small and mediumsized enterprizes (SME)
    (3) development of relationships and networks in and between organizations
    (4) online-videos and respective strategies, applications and design recommendations
  4. In todays world of social media, publications and communications on these become increasingly fragmented and are distributed in pieces into news feeds of different channels. Communication is broken down into contributions that are individually sorted into the timeline of the respective users. That’s the way it goes today and this is how I also work now. This page will offer a place beyond this where all texts from me are permanently available publicly at one single location. It serves as a virtual hub, which can be reached directly from all my social channels and pieces of content published anywhere, but vice versa also provides a connection to all my content and channels.